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Title: Responding to Aboriginal substance misuse : a review of programs conducted by the Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services (C.A.A.P.S.), Northern Territory
Authors: D'Abbs, Peter
subject: alcohol abuse;drug and substance abuse;substance abuse;substance dependence
Year: 18-Nov-2010
Publisher: Dept. of Health and Community Services
Description: A review conducted on behalf of the N.T. Drug and Alcohol Bureau, Department of Health and Community Services, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, ATSIC.
This review is concerned with the effectiveness of CAAPS intervention programs. After presenting an overview of the organisational structure of CAAPS in Chapter One, I examine the theories, ideas and models governing the CAAPS approach to substance abuse. This examination takes up Chapter Two. The next few chapters examine individual components of the CAAPS service delivery system. Chapters Three and Four focus on two major residential programs - the Daly River Five Mile Family program and the Gordon Symons Centre residential programs respectively. Chapter Five looks at the non-residential programs offered at the Gordon Symons Centre between 1987 and 1989. In Chapter Six the focus is on CAAPS' community-based field workers. In the final chapter, I attempt to draw together the threads of pervious chapters into an overall assessment of the effectiveness of the CAAPS system.
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Strategy & Reform Division
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