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Title: A confirmed case of Kunjin virus disease encephalitis acquired in rural Darwin NT - the mosquito story
Authors: Kurucz, Nina;Gray, Timothy J;Burrow, Jim;Whelan, Peter I
subject: Darwin;Insects;Mosquitoes;Arboviruses;encephalitis;disease vectors;Monitoring;serology;Virology;virus isolation;rural areas;Public Health
Year: 21-Nov-2011
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DoH
Description: A Kunjin virus (KUN) case with encephalitis symptoms was reported from the Darwin area, Northern Territory on 17 June 2010. The diagnosis was confirmed on 5 August. Adult mosquito trapping showed high vector mosquito numbers at the time originating from large swamps in the Howard Springs area. The sentinel chicken program across the Top End indicated probable KUN activity in the area, but no arboviruses were isolated from the mosquitoes collected. With an incubation period for KUN of between 7 – 12 days and an onset date of 15 June, the patient most likely contracted the KUN around 5 June at his Howard Springs residence.
Standard no: 1440-883X
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