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Title: Trends in the health of mothers and babies, Northern Territory, 1997
Northern Territory Midwives' Collection, Mothers and Babies 1997
Authors: Carnegie, Michelle;Gladigau, Paul;Measey, Mary-Anne;d'Espaignet, Edouard
subject: childbirth;antenatal care;maternal health;mothers;census;Statistics;Infant
Year: 12-Mar-2008
Publisher: Epidemiology Branch, Territory Health Services
Description: The NT Midwives’ Collection is a population-based census of all births in public and private hospitals as well as home and other non-hospital births that occur in the Northern Territory. All livebirths and stillbirths of at least 20 weeks gestation or with birthweight of at least 400 grams are included.
This report presents information for 1997 on the health of new mothers and their babies. Its primary purpose is to inform, and encourage community discussion regarding the health of the women who gave birth in 1997, as well as that of their babies. This should assist policy makers and health planners provide better services to the community. In addition, the report aims to provide feedback to midwives, Aboriginal health workers, community health nurses and medical practitioners involved with maternal and child health.
Standard no: Carnegie MA, Gladigau PW, Measey ML and d’Espaignet ET. Northern Territory Midwives Collection: mothers and babies 1997. Territory Health Services, Darwin, 1999.
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