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Title: Functional electrical stimulation system
Authors: Tong, Kai-yu Raymond;Mak, Arthur F. T.;Leung, Kelvin T. Y.
subject: Electrical stimulation system
Year: 9-Jan-2007
Description: An electrical stimulation device for a body part of a person comprises an orthotic with sensor and electrodes and a controller. The controller receives a sensor signal, compares the sensor signal to a threshold value and generates an electrical output from the electrodes if the sensor signal exceeds the threshold value. A docking station facilitates connection of the electrodes and sensors to a computer. The docking station including a first processor for measuring values of the sensor signal and the electrical outputs and a second processor for generating electrical outputs on the electrodes.
Inventor name used in this publication: Kai-Yu Tong
US7162305; US7162305 B2; US7162305B2; US7,162,305; US 7,162,305 B2; 7162305; Appl. No. 10/278,575
Standard no: US Patent 7,162,305 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2007.
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