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Title: Method of optical treatment
Authors: To, Chi-ho;Lam, Carly S. Y.;Tse, Yan Yin
subject: Optical treatment;Eye -- Refractive errors
Year: 24-Mar-2009
Description: A method for treating progression of a refractive disorder in a human eye. The method includes the steps of producing a first image on a retina of the human eye and producing a second image to generate a defocus.
US7506983; US7506983 B2; US7506983B2; US7,506,983; US 7,506,983 B2; 7506983; Application No. 10/954,631
Inventor name used in this publication: Chi Ho To
Inventor name used in this publication: Siu Yin Lam
Standard no: US Patent 7,506,983 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2009.
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