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Title: Fiber optic transducer for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement in fluid flow
Authors: Ling, Hang-yin;Zheng, Yong-Ping;Lau, Kin-tak Alan;Lam, Pou Man
Year: 1-Jun-2010
Description: The present invention relates a fiber optic transducer (FOT) and methods for measuring the pressure and temperature of a flowing fluid using such FOT, wherein such FOT contains a fiber optic having fiber Bragg gratings. The fiber Bragg gratings are measured during a flowing fluid to determine the difference in the change in wavelength exhibited by a reflected optical signal from the gratings.
Author name used in this publication: Kin-tak Lau
Author name used in this publication: Pou-man Lam
US7729567; US7729567 B2; US7729567B2; US7,729,567; US 7,729,567 B2; 7729567; Appl. No.11/798,343
Standard no: US Patent 7,729,567 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2010.
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