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Title: Method for evenly coating cell adhesion hardening agent from intermediate medium to the stephanoporate framework or the pipe hole wall surface = 将细胞粘着强化剂从媒介物均匀涂敷到多孔骨架或管道孔壁表面的方法
Authors: Li, Jiashen (李加深);Mak, Arthur F. T. (麥福達)
Year: 12-May-2010
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Description: The invention provides a method for coating cell agglutination enhancer on the hole wall surfaces of porous frame or pipeline made of natural or synthetic material. The method comprises the following steps: coating one or more cell agglutination enhancers on a medium surface and molding the medium; casting the natural or synthetic frame material on the molded medium with a coating; removing the medium material and transferring the cell agglutination enhancer uniformly from the medium surface to the hole wall surface of the porous frame. The cell agglutination enhancer is inlaid in the hole wall surface, even embedded inside the frame substrate. The coating structure can increase coating strength between the coating material and the frame. The coating enables the frame to have cell recognition signal, improves seeding, distribution and reproduction of cells, and facilitates formation of new tissue and blood vessel. The method can be applied according to different tissue engineering requirements to carry out coating and modification on surfaces of porous frame or pipeline with respective coating material.
Inventor name used in this publication: 麦福达, Mai Fuda
Title in Traditional Chinese: 將細胞粘著強化劑從媒介物均勻塗敷到多孔骨架或管道孔壁表面的方法
Standard no: 中国专利 ZL 200610107999.5
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