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Title: Radiation dose estimation for radiochromic films based on measurements at multiple absorption peaks
Authors: Fung, Karl Ka-lok;Lee, Kit Yee
subject: Radiation dose estimation;Radiochromic films
Year: 22-Apr-2008
Description: A method of estimating a radiation dose deposited on a radiochromic film based on absorption measurements at least at two wavelengths as well as devices implementing the estimation method. The method includes the following steps: (a) measuring absorption values at a first wavelength and a second wavelength; (b) converting the absorption values at the two wavelengths to dose values at the corresponding wavelengths by using a calibration procedure; (c) obtaining a weighting factor curve (weighting factor vs. dose) at each wavelengths; and (d) obtaining an estimate of irradiation dose at the location on the radiochromic film by minimizing the objective function which takes the weighting factors and the dose values at both wavelengths as input.
US7361908; US7361908 B2; US7361908B2; US7,361,908; US 7,361,908 B2; 7361908; Application No.11/403,677
Standard no: US Patent 7,361,908 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2008.
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