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Title: Wireless ultrasonic scanning system = 无线超声波扫描系统
Authors: Zheng, Yong-Ping (鄭永平);Chen, Xin (陳昕);Cheung, Chung Wai James (張忠偉);He, Junfeng (何俊峰);Huang, Yan-ping (黃燕平);Huang, Zhengming (黃錚銘)
Year: 11-May-2011
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Description: The invention provides a wireless ultrasonic scanning system which comprises an ultrasonic sensor, a motor, an ultrasonic transceiver, a high-speed data sampling module, a machine controller and a total control module; wherein the ultrasonic sensor arranged on the motor can move according to the controlling of the machine controller; the ultrasonic transceiver motivates the sensor and amplifies receiving ultrasonic signals; the high-speed data sampling module transmits radio frequency ultrasonic data to the total control module in a wireless way; and the total control module sets the scanning mode, launches the scanning process, and transmits the control signals and control parameters to the high-speed data sampling module in a wireless way. The invention has the advantages of increased performance and low cost and can realize domestic application based on an ultrasonic scanner; in addition, the system is beneficial for standardizing the ultrasonic scanning operation.
Inventor name used in this publication: 郑永平, Zheng Yongping
Inventor name used in this publication: 陈昕
Inventor name used in this publication: 张忠伟, Zhang Zhongwei
Inventor name used in this publication: Huang Yanping
Inventor name used in this publication: 黄铮铭
Title in Traditional Chinese: 無綫超聲波掃描系統
Standard no: 中国专利 ZL 200810094380.4
Appears in Collections:Health Technology and Informatics

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