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Title: Robotic system and training method for rehabilitation using EMG signals to provide mechanical help
Authors: Tong, Kai-yu Raymond;Song, Rong
Year: 22-Jan-2013
Description: A robotic system for rehabilitation using EMG signals to provide mechanical help includes EMG electrodes (6) sequentially connected in series, a DAS card (2) and a control portion (1), and further includes an actuator (3) connected to the DAS card (2) and an additional moment providing portion (4) connected to the actuator (3). The EMG electrodes sense EMG signals corresponding to the muscle of suffering joint, and input the sensed EMG signals to the control portion (1) through the DAS card (2). The control portion (1) uses the input EMG signals and a constant moment set as desired to calculate an additional moment to be applied to the suffering joint, and additional moment providing portion (4) is controlled to apply the corresponding additional moment to the suffering joint through the DAS card (2) and the actuator (3).
Inventor name used in this publication: Kaiyu Tong
US8359123; US8359123 B2; US8359123B2; US8,359,123; US 8,359,123 B2; 8359123; Application No. 12/298,887
Standard no: US Patent 8,359,123 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2013.
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