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Title: Robotic training system with multi-orientation module
Authors: Tong, Kai-yu Raymond;Song, Rong;Lam, Chiu Hoi Ivan;Tam, Wai-man Robert;Ng, Shu To;Lee, Tak-chi;Pang, Man Kit Peter;Kwok, King Lun;Tsui, Yin Bonn Philip;Leung, Woon-fong Wallace
Year: 24-Sep-2013
Description: The present invention relates a system and method to allow users to train different joints of a limb in different planes. The rotation of the system can be driven by a motor to assist or resist the motion for training purpose. By the present invention, the user can use the device to switch training between the vertical and horizontal planes, without changing the device and any module. The system is also adjustable to meet different users' body sizes.
US8540652; US8540652 B2; US8540652B2; US8,540,652; US 8,540,652 B2; 8540652; Appl. No. 11/802,267
Inventor name used in this publication: Kai Yu Tong
Inventor name used in this publication: Chiu Hoi Lam
Inventor name used in this publication: Wai Man Tam
Standard no: US Patent 8,540,652 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2013.
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