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Title: Aldose reductase-deficiency leads to more significant loss of dopaminergeric neurons with incresed levels of dopamine, tetrahydrobiopterin and free radical accumulation under experimental Parkinson's Disease condition
Authors: Yeung, PKK;Lai, KW;Son, HJ;Zhang, X;Hwang, O;Chung, SSM;Chung, SK
Year: 2010
Publisher: Society for Neuroscience.
Standard no: Neuroscience 2010 - 40th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA., 13-17 November 2010. In Neuroscience 2010 - Final Program, 2010, Session 750, p. 20 Poster no. H15
20 Poster no. H15
20 Poster no. H15
Session 750
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