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Title: Protective agent for retinal nerve or optic nerve
Authors: Chung, SK;Hibi, Chihiro;Chung, Stephen
Year: 2008
Description: The present invention provides a protective agent for retinal nerve or optic nerve which exerts its effect through a different mechanism from that of conventional therapeutic agents and can be taken for long periods. The present invention is the protective agent for retinal nerve or optic nerve which comprises a compound with aldose reductase inhibiting activity such as the compound represented by the following general formula as an active ingredient. A preferable compound thereof is (2S,4S)-6-fluoro-2',5'-dioxospiro[chroman-4,4'-imidazolidine]-2-carboxamide: wherein X represents a halogen atom or a hydrogen atom, R1 and R2 independently represent a hydrogen atom or an optionally substituted C1 to C6 alkyl group, or R 1 and R 2 , together with a nitrogen atom bound thereto, or optionally another nitrogen atom or an oxygen atom, are combined to form a 5- to 6-membered heterocycle.
Standard no: Australia Published Patent Application AU 2008210970. Australia: IP Australia, 2008
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