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Title: Mechanistic study of the interactions between Id1-overexpressing esophageal cancer cells and fibroblasts in the tumor microenvironment
Authors: Li, B;Xu, W;Tsao, SW;Chan, KW;Cheung, ALM
Year: 2013
Publisher: NCRI Cancer Conference 2013.
United Kingdom
Description: Poster Session A - The cancer cell and model systems: no. A191
BACKGROUND: Stromal fibroblast cells in the tumor microenvironment contribute to the development of cancer but the mechanisms of their interactions with cancer cells are not fully elucidated. Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is the common type of esophageal cancer. It was reported that the majority of ESCC overexpress Id1 protein. METHOD: Human ESCC cell lines with ectopic expression of Id1, co-expression of Id1 and shIGF2, or empty vector(s) were established. In vitro assays including MTT, migration and invasion chamber assays were performed to investigate the proliferation, migration and invasive potential of cells. In vivo tumor xenografts were analyzed using immunohistochemistry, and in vivo bioluminescent imaging was used to monitor tumor metastasis in mice. Protein expressions were compared using Western blotting and ELISA ...
Standard no: The 9th NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool, UK., 3-6 November 2013.
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