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Title: Research advances on the anti-aging profile of Fructus lycii: An ancient Chinese herbal medicine
Authors: Sze, SCW;Chang, RCC;Zhang, KY;Tong, Y;Song, J;Wong, RNS
subject: Anti-aging;Chinese herbal medicine;Fructus lycii
Year: 2008
Publisher: Berkeley Electronic Press. The Journal's web site is located at
United States
Description: Fructus lycii is a common Chinese herbal medicine used in China for nearly 2000 years. It has beneficial effects on eyes, liver and kidneys; and it has long been considered to be an anti-aging herb in ancient Chinese medicine. Modern studies have partially probed the magic anti-aging property of F. lycii. The beneficial effects of F. lycii on aging are largely attributed to its bioactive components such as polysaccharides, carotenoids and flavonoids. This review focuses on the anti-aging aspect of F. lycii, elaborating the bioactive ingredients accounting for the property, anti-aging pharmacology in terms of its antioxidation capacity, immunomodulative effect and neuroprotective activity. Copyright ©2008 The Berkeley Electronic Press. All rights reserved.
Standard no: Journal Of Complementary And Integrative Medicine, 2008, v. 5 n. 1
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