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Title: Spot welding quality fuzzy control system based on multisensor information fusion
Authors: Chang, Y;Su, H;Lin, B;Yang, X
subject: Fuzzy Logic Control;Information Fusion;Sensor;Spot Welding
Year: 2007
Publisher: China Machine Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Description: The multisensor information fusion technology is adopted for real time measuring the four parameters which are connected closely with the weld nugget size (welding current, electrode displacement, dynamic resistance, welding time), thus much more original information is obtained. In this way, the difficulty caused by measuring indirectly weld nugget size can be decreased in spot welding quality control, and the stability of spot welding quality can be improved. According to this method, two-dimensional fuzzy controllers are designed with the information fusion result as input and the thyristor control signal as output. The spot welding experimental results indicate that the spot welding quality intelligent control method based on multisensor information fusion technology can compensate the influence caused by variable factors in welding process and ensure the stability of welding quality.
Standard no: Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (English Edition), 2007, v. 20 n. 4, p. 36-39
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