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Title: Steady-state performance analysis for adaptive filters with error nonlinearities
Authors: Lin, B;He, R;Song, L;Wang, B
subject: Adaptive Filters;Mean-Square Error;Steady-State Analysis;Taylor Series Expression;Tracking Performance
Year: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Description: A unified approach to the steady-state mean square error (MSE) and tracking performance analyses for real and complex adaptive filtes with error nonlinearities is developed. Some general closed-form analytical expressions for the steady-state performances are given. Our analyses are based on Taylor series expansion and and so-called complex Brandwood-form series expansion (BSE). Under these general explicit expressions, some well-known adaptive filters can be viewed as special cases. In addition, the closed-form analytical expressions for the steady-state performance for real and complex least-mean p-power (LMP) algorithm with different choices of parameter p are also given. A mass of simulations show the accuration of our analyses. ©2009 IEEE.
Standard no: ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, 2009, p. 3093-3096
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