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Title: Strengthening of wire electro-discharge machined engineering ceramics by micro-plastic deformation
Authors: Ai, X;Li, D;Lin, B;Zhang, J
subject: Engineering Ceramics;Micro-Plastic Deformation;Wire Electro-Discharge Machining
Year: 2002
Publisher: China Machine Press
Description: The flexural strength of engineering ceramics is sensitive to the micro-cracks and residual stresses induced during the machining process. The surface integrity plays an important role in the unexpected fracture of ceramic parts and their reliability in service. The flexural strength is introduced for evaluating the surface integrity of engineering ceramic surfaces. The distribution of strength data is analyzed by the Weibull statistical method to give a quantitative measure. Test results show that the electro-discharge machining has a damaging effect on the surface of Syalon50l ceramics, giving low flexural strength and low Weibull modulus. The micro-plastic deformation plays an important role for obtaining good surface integrity in the surface modification process.
Standard no: Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2002, v. 38 SUPPL., p. 61-64
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