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Title: Model tests on cone-shaped piles in frozen soils and finite element analysis
Authors: Li, D-W;Wang, R-H;Hu, P;Lin, B
subject: Capacity;Cone-Shaped Pile;Model Test;Numerical Simulation
Year: 2006
Description: The capacity characteristics could be obtained by model tests on cone-shaped piles in frozen soils. The 'step' phenomena and drop-down segments of Q-S curves were not found, and the destroy mode of frozen soils was close to the progressive one. Through analyzing rheology model of frozen soils, the theory that the nonlinear Newtonian element replaces the linear one was proposed, and the improved Xiyuan model was established, which was embedded in ADINA FEM. Using the improved Xiyuan model, the model tests on cone-shaped piles in frozen soils were carried on finite element numerical simulation. The results of model experiments are close to the calculated ones, and it shows that the method of finite element numerical simulation can provide some references to the design of cone-shaped piles in frozen soils.
Standard no: Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 2006, v. 28 SUPPL., p. 1529-1533
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