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Title: SON is a spliceosome-associated factor required for mitotic progression
Authors: Huen, MSY;Sy, SMH;Leung, KM;Ching, YP;Tipoe, GL;Man, C;Dong, S;Chen, J
subject: MAD2;Mitosis;SON;Splicing factor
Year: 2010
Publisher: Landes Bioscience. The Journal's web site is located at
United States
Description: The eukaryotic RNA splicing machinery is dedicated to the daunting task of excising intronic sequences on the many nascent RNA transcripts in a cell, and in doing so facilitates proper translation of its transcriptome. Notably, emerging evidence suggests that RNA splicing may also play direct roles in maintaining genome stability. Here we report the identification of the RNA/DNA-binding protein SON as a component of spliceosome that plays pleiotropic roles during mitotic progression. We found that SON is essential for cell proliferation, and that its inactivation triggers a MAD2-dependent mitotic delay. Moreover, SON deficiency is accompanied by defective chromosome congression, compromised chromosome segregation and cytokinesis, which in turn contributes to cellular aneuploidy and cell death. In summary, our study uncovers a specific link between SON and mitosis, and highlights the potential of RNA processing as additional regulatory mechanisms that govern cell proliferation and division. © 2010 Landes Bioscience.
Standard no: Cell Cycle, 2010, v. 9 n. 13, p. 2679-2685
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