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Title: In vitro suppression of immune responses using monocyte-derived tolerogenic dendritic cells from patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome
Authors: Volchenkov, Roman;Brun, Johan Gorgas;Jonsson, Roland;Appel, Silke
subject: Sjögren’s syndrome;Dendritic cells;Immunotherapy;Ro/La-specific T cell suppression
Year: 9-Sep-2013
Publisher: BioMed Central
Description: <p>Introduction: Therapeutic vaccination with antigen-specific tolerogenic dendritic cells (tolDC) might become a future option of individualized therapy for patients with autoimmune diseases. In this study, we tested the possibility of generating monocyte-derived tolDC from patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome (pSS). We analyzed phenotype, cytokine production and ability to suppress Ro/La-specific immune responses.</p><p>Methods: Monocyte-derived tolDC from patients with pSS were generated in the presence of dexamethasone, vitamin D3 and lipopolysaccharide (DexVD3 DC). The phenotype was analyzed by flow cytometry and the cytokine profile was investigated using a 25-plex Luminex assay and ELISA. The capacity to both stimulate Ro/La-specific T cells and suppress this response was evaluated by autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR).</p><p>Results: DC generated from patients with pSS had a similar phenotype and cytokine profile to those from healthy controls. DexVD3 DC from pSS patients induced little antigen-specific T cell proliferation, but DexVD3 DC-primed lymphocytes successfully suppressed Ro/La-specific T cell responses.</p><p>Conclusions: DexVD3 DC presenting Ro/La antigens might be a promising new therapeutic option for patients with pSS.</p>
Standard no: Arthritis Research & Therapy 15(5):R114
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