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Title: Older adults and carers' perceptions of pre-discharge occupational therapy home visits in acute care
Authors: Atwal, A;McIntyre, A;Craik, C;Hunt, J
subject: Pre-discharge home visit;Occupational therapy;Acute care;Carer;Older adult;Elderly
Year: 2007
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Description: Background: pre-discharge occupational therapy (OT) home visits are an integral part of the discharge process for older adults in acute care. There is limited quality research demonstrating that these pre-discharge visits enhance the health and well being of older adults. This paper outlines the perceptions of older adults and carers of the home visit process from the exploratory phase of an ongoing research project. Method: this qualitative study utilised 22 semi-structured interviews with 15 older adults and 7 carers. Data were analysed using thematic content analysis. Findings: older adults are not fully prepared to undertake home visits, but carers offer them reassurance about the discharge process. For carers, the home visit process appeared to eradicate anxiety, whilst some older adults perceived the process as demoralising, daunting and increasing their anxiety. In addition, older adults were often reluctant to accept changes or to have valued occupations stopped. Conclusion: the findings suggest that the current model of pre-discharge home visits does not promote health and well being. For some older adults the home visit provoked anxiety, however home visits are important to carers.
Standard no: Age and Ageing 37(1): 72-76, Oct 2007
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