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Title: Without leisure … ‘it wouldn’t be much of a life’: The meaning of leisure for people with mental health problems living in the community
Authors: Craik, C;Pieris, Y
Year: 2006
Publisher: College of Occupational Therapists
Description: Previous research has explored the occupational engagement of people with mental health problems. This study set out to establish the meaning and value of leisure for people with enduring mental health problems living in the community. Using a mainly qualitative design, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 participants randomly selected from clients referred to a local assertive outreach service in South-East England. Initially, the data were analysed for content, phrases, language and words used; subsequently, emerging themes were identified which were confirmed by a second occupational therapist. Three themes are reported here: why certain occupations were considered to be leisure, the feelings expressed during leisure and the value of leisure. Although the participants had some difficulty in articulating their views, leisure was differentiated from other occupations, with the time available to complete a task in the absence of pressure being the distinguishing feature. Overall, the participants had positive views about leisure, which was valued in terms of meeting their individual and unique needs. The implications for occupational therapy are explored. In determining the meaning and value of leisure for people with mental health problems, more emphasis should be given to their actions and less to their skill in verbalising emotion.
Standard no: The British Journal of Occupational Therapy. 69 (5)209-16
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