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Title: Psychology ethics down under: A survey of student subject pools in Australia
Authors: Diamond, MR;Reidpath, DD
Year: 1992
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Description: A survey of the 37 psychology departments offering courses accredited by the Australian Psychological Society yielded a 92% response rate. Sixty-eight percent of departments employed students as research subjects, with larger departments being more likely to do so. Most of these departments drew their student subject pools from introductory courses. Student research participation was strictly voluntary in 57% of these departments, whereas 43% of the departments have failed to comply with normally accepted ethical standards. It is of great concern that institutional ethics committees apparently continue to condone, or fail to act against, unethical research practices. Although these committees have a duty of care to all subjects, the final responsibility for conducting research in an ethical manner lies with the individual researcher.
Standard no: Ethics & Behavior. 2(2): 101-108
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