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Title: Teaching complex social skills to children with autism; advances of video modeling
Authors: Nikopoulos, C K;Nikopoulou-Smyrni, P G
Year: 2008
Publisher: Joseph D. Cautilli
Description: Although there has been a corresponding explosion of literature regarding the treatment of the social deficits in autism, the establishment of more complex social behaviors still remains a challenge. Video modeling appears as one approach to have the potential to successfully address this challenge. Following an introduction to modeling that constitutes the basis of this procedure, the current paper explores those video modeling studies that have targeted the promotion of complex social skills. It is suggested that this approach could be an effective addition to peer-mediated treatment procedures, especially for children with autism who cannot always be in environments where peers are present. Further, the likely success of video modeling seems to be dependent upon the prior elimination of behaviors that interfere with the development of imitation skills.
Standard no: Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention. 5 (2) 30-43
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