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Title: The evaluation of interdisciplinary learning initiative in managing depression
Authors: Shia, N;Bankole, V
subject: Interdisciplinary education; problem-based learning; community nurses’ attitudes, teamwork.
Year: 2008
Publisher: Whiting & Birch
Description: This paper reports the findings from a descriptive study exploring community-nursing students’ experiences of interdisciplinary learning on managing depression. The study was completed as part of a specialist module workshop included in a post-registration community specialist practitioner programme. Questionnaire data included attitude ratings and qualitative evaluations of problem-based learning (PBL). A cohort of 34 community nurses responded. The findings identified issues relating to the learning process and its influence on the knowledge gained and attitudes to team work. Community nurses reported the workshop was thought provoking and the challenging issue is the different opinions of the district nurses role in managing depression from the perspective of the students. This study suggests that problem based learning had a positive impact on students’ learning which makes it a well-received contribution to learning. It also reinforced the importance of healthy attitudes towards collaboration in promoting mental health practice. All of these do ultimately have implications for clinical practice.
Standard no: The Journal of Practice Teaching & Learning. 8 (1): 31-50, Dec 2008
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