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Title: Association Between Menopausal Estrogen-Only Therapy and Ovarian Carcinoma Risk
Authors: Lee, Alice W;Ness, Roberta B;Roman, Lynda D;Terry, Kathryn L;Schildkraut, Joellen M;Chang-claude, Jenny;Doherty, Jennifer A;Menon, Usha;Cramer, Daniel W;Gayther, Simon A;Risch, Harvey;Gentry-maharaj, Aleksandra;Goodman, Marc T;Modugno, Francesmary;Eilber, Ursula;Moysich, Kirsten B;Berchuck, Andrew;Rossing, Mary Anne;Jensen, Allan;Wicklund, Kristine G;Cushing-haugen, Kara L;Hogdall, Estrid;Rudolph, Anja;Thompson, Pamela J;Wilkens, Lynne R;Kjaer, Susanne K;Carney, Michael E;Stram, Daniel O;Ramus, Susan J;Wu, Anna H;Pike, Malcolm C
Year: 2016
volume: Volume 127
issue: Issue 5
month: May
Appears in Collections:Obstetrics _ Gynecology 2016

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