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2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 1 January (25).pdf.jpg2016Economic evaluation comparing intraoperative cone beam CT-based navigation and conventional fluoroscopy for the placement of spinal pedicle screws : a patient-level data cost-effectiveness analysisDea, Nicolas; Fisher, Charles G; Batke, Juliet; Strelzow, Jason; Mendelsohn, Daniel; Paquette, Scott J; Kwon, Brian K; Boyd, Michael D; Dvorak, Marcel F S; Street, John T
2016 SJ Volume 16 Supplement 4 April (72).pdf.jpg2016Do outcomes vary following minimally invasive lumbar interbody fusion (MILIF) in patients with spinal stenosis? A multi-centre subgroup analysis studyLam, Khai; Al-mousa, Alaa; Manson, Neil
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 4 April (6).pdf.jpg2016A huge retropharyngeal abscess causing airway and esophageal obstruction associated with cervical spine tuberculosisJournal, The Spine
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 2 February (27).pdf.jpg2016Disappearing bone disease of the humerus and the cervico-thoracic spine : a case report with 42-year follow-upGanal-antonio, Anne Kathleen; Samartzis, Dino; Bow, Cora; Cheung, Kenneth M C; Luk, Keith D K; Orth, Mch; Wong, Yat-wa; Fhkcos, Frcse
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 3 March (40).pdf.jpg2016Does provocative discography cause clinically important injury to the lumbar intervertebral disc ? A 10-year matched cohort studyCuellar, Jason M; Stauff, Michael P; Herzog, Richard J; Carrino, John A; Baker, Geoffrey A; Carragee, Eugene J
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 2 February (10).pdf.jpg2016A multilobulated , pan-columnar cervical spine lesion causing myelopathyMch, Sumit Thakar; Anantha, Narayanam; Kiran, Sai; Mch, Alangar S Hegde
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 1 January (24).pdf.jpg2016Early surgical occipitocervical stabilization for plasma cell neoplasms at the craniocervical junction : systematic review and proposal of a treatment algorithmAhmadi, Sebastian A; Slotty, Philipp J; Munoz-bendix, Christopher; Steiger, Hans-jakob; Cornelius, Jan Frederick
2016 SJ Volume 16 Supplement 4 April (71).pdf.jpg2016Do magnetic growing rods have lower complication rates compared with conventional growing rods ?Teoh, Kar H; Ed, Mrcs; Winson, Daniel M G; James, Stuart H; Eng, Mrcs; Orth, Frcs; Jones, Alwyn; Chb, M B; Orth, Frcs; Howes, John; Orth, Frcs; Davies, Paul R; Lond, M B B S; Eng, Frcs Orth; Ahuja, Sashin; Orth, M S; Orth, D N B; Orth, Frcs; Eng, Orth
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 4 April (31).pdf.jpg2016Effective dose reduction in spine radiographic imaging by choosing the less radiation-sensitive side of the bodyBen-shlomo, Avi; Bartal, Gabriel; Mosseri, Morris; Avraham, Boaz; Leitner, Yosef; Shabat, Shay
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 5 May (33).pdf.jpg2016Diagnosis and neurologic status as predictors of surgical site infection in primary cervical spinal surgeryHaddad, Sleiman; Millhouse, Paul W; Maltenfort, Mitchell; Restrepo, Camilo; Kepler, Christopher K; Vaccaro, Alexander R
2016 SJ Volume 16 Supplement 4 April (32).pdf.jpg2016Do surgeons need to rescrub during operations that last longer than 3 hours?Hosseini, Pooria; Jr, Gregory M Mundis; Eastlack, Robert; Pawelek, Jeff; Nguyen, Stacie; Akbarnia, Behrooz A
2016 SJ Volume 16 Supplement 4 April (21).pdf.jpg2016Does the pedicle anatomy differ in patients with low-grade lytic spondylolisthesis compared to match cohort?Bowey, Andrew James; Bruce, Colin; Trivedi, Jai; Davidson, Neil; Hey, Alder
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 3 March (17).pdf.jpg2016Double cervical fracture- subluxation at adjacent levels Case descriptionBs, Arsalaan A Salehani; Baum, Griffin R; Pradilla, Gustavo; Ahmad, Faiz U
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 1 January (27).pdf.jpg2016Effect of a selective estrogen receptor modulator on bone formation in osteoporotic spine fusion using an ovariectomized rat modelPark, Sung Bae; Kim, Chi Heon; Hong, Minyoung; Yang, Hee-jin; Chung, Chun Kee
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 3 March (41).pdf.jpg2016Early magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers to predict local control after high dose stereotactic body radiotherapy for patients with sarcoma spine metastasesSpratt, Daniel E; Arevalo-perez, Julio; Leeman, Jonathan E; Gerber, Naamit K; Folkert, Michael; Taunk, Neil K; Alektiar, Kaled M; Karimi, Sasan; Lyo, John K; Tap, William D; Bilsky, Mark H; Laufer, Ilya; Yamada, Yoshiya; Osborne, Joseph R
2016 SJ Volume 16 Supplement 4 April (55).pdf.jpg2016Does the quantity of cement leak into the disc during balloon kyphoplasty influence the progression of degenerative disc disease and the occurrence of adjacent vertebral fractures? An imaging studyJamjoom, Bakur; Patel, Sanjay; Bommireddy, Raj; Klezl, Zdenek
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 2 February (34).pdf.jpg2016Does impaction of titanium-coated interbody fusion cages into the disc space cause wear debris or delamination ?Kienle, Annette; Graf, Nicolas; Fh, Dipl-ing; Wilke, Hans-joachim
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 1 January (30).pdf.jpg2016Extrinsic thoracic spinal cord compression related to supine position : from diagnosis to the creation of a spinal protection shieldAjavon, L; Amelot, A; Conso, C; Balabaud, L; Mazel, C
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 6 June (27).pdf.jpg2016A new extensile anterolateral retroperitoneal approach for lumbar interbody fusion from L1 to S1 : a prospective series with clinical outcomesMolloy, Sean; Butler, Joseph S; Benton, Adam; Malhotra, Karan; Mrcs, M B; Selvadurai, Susanne; Agu, Obiekezie; Frcs, M S
2016 SJ Volume 16 Supplement 4 April (10).pdf.jpg2016A preoperative radiological measurement that can predict poor results after a selective thoracic fusion (STF) in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)Lambert, Amy; Cole, Ashley; Breakwell, Lee; Michael, A L Rex