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Title: Iron-binding fragments from the N-Terminal and C-Terminal regions of human lactoferrin
Authors: Bluard-Deconinck, JM;Williams, J;Evans, RW;Snick, JV;Osinski, PA;Massont, PL
Year: 1978
Publisher: Portland Press
Description: Digestion of lactoferrin with pepsin at pH 3.0 gave an iron-binding half-molecule that represents the C-terminal part of the native protein. Tryptic or chymotryptic digestion of 30%/-iron-saturated lactoferrin yielded the N- and C-terminal half molecules, which could be separated by DEAE-Sephadex chromatography. The N- and C-terminal fragments did not show any immunological cross-reaction. The carbohydrate of lactoferrin was distributed equally between the two fragments.
Standard no: Biochemical Journal. 171: 321-327
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