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Title: The iron binding-sites of chicken ovotransferrin
Authors: Lindley, PF;Evans, RW;Garratt, RC;Hasnain, SS
subject: EXAFS spectrum;Diferric chicken ovotransferrin;XANES spectrum;Freeze-drying;Iron-binding sites;Fragmentation
Year: 1986
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Description: We have shown previously that the EXAFS spectrum of diferric chicken ovotransferrin (Fe2COT) can only be adequately simulated assuming a split first shell co-ordination [1]. EXAFS and XANES spectra of Fe2COT measured in solution and as a freeze-dried powder provide evidence for perturbation of the iron-binding sites on freeze-drying which involves the loss of one of the long (~2.04 Å) first shell ligands (presumably water). Measurement of the XANES of the C-terminal monoferric COT and a C-terminal domain fragment suggests that the metal binding site remains largely unperturbed by the fragmentation process. The possibility of site interaction is briefly discussed.
We gratefully acknowledge the SERC for financial support and provision of facilities.
Standard no: Journal de Physique, 47(C8): 1189-1192, December 1986
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