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Title: Development of a 1.5-tonne niobium gravitational radiational antenna
Authors: Veitch, PJ;Blair, DG;Linthorne, NP;Mann, LD;Ramm, DK
Year: 1987
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Description: Copyright @ American Institute of Physics
A 1.5‐tonne Nb gravitational radiation antenna is described. Problems associated with a noncontacting magnetically levitated parametric upconverter transducer are discussed, and a system using a bonded microwave reentrant cavity and bonded mechanical impedance transformer is described and analyzed in detail. It is shown that such an antenna can be expected to achieve a noise temperature of ∼1 mK. An ultralow phase noise tunable microwave source for the transducer pump signal is described, as well as precision bonding techniques which yield a mechanical positioning accuracy of 10−6 m, and a reproducibility of 10−8 m.
The research was supported by the Australian Research Grants Scheme and the Australian Telecommunications and Electronics Research Board.
Standard no: Review of Scientific Instruments, 58(10): 1910-1916, Oct 1987
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