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25-Aug-2000Molecular cytogenetic investigations of chromosomal abnormalities in prostate and urinary bladder cancersPan, Yi
16-Jan-2015To unite or disconnect : AmotL2 in tubulogenesis and tumor invasionHultin, Sara
21-May-1999Clinical fluorescence cytometry : improvements to preparation methods and instrumentationHeiden, Thomas
24-Dec-1999Quantitative cellular methods in the evaluation of prostate cancerWang, Naining
25-May-1999Tumor progression in melanocytic lesions : biological and diagnostic implicationsKanter-Lewensohn, Lena
21-Apr-2000Cutaneous malignant melanoma : aspects on recurrence and mortalityCohn Cedermark, Gabriella
26-Nov-1999Genetic analysis of human astrocytic gliomas : xenografts as a research toolGoike, Helena M.
27-Aug-1999Human papillomavirus infection, genetic instability and invasive properties of cervical lesionsSkyldberg, Barbro
7-May-1999Anabolic androgenic steroids and violence : a medicolegal and experimental studyThiblin, Ingemar
13-May-1999Detection of fusion genes and fusion proteins in sarcoma : methodological and clinical aspectsNilsson, Gunnar
14-May-1999Malignant melanoma of the vulvaRagnarsson Olding, Boel
30-Apr-1999Genomic instability and tumor progression : a cytochemical, molecular biological and cytogenetic study of human tissue from uterine cervix, colon, breast and ovaryBlegen, Harald
14-May-1999Cancer proteomics : characterisation of protein expression in human epithelial tumoursAlaiya, Ayodele A.
7-May-1999Cell cycle control in G1 : restriction points for growth factors and anchorage dependenceZickert, Peter
24-Nov-2006Predictors and consequences of loss of a child : Nationalwide epidemiological studies from SwedenSurkan, Pamela J
13-Nov-1998Molecular aspects of cellular radiosensitivity in small cell lung carcinomaSirzén, Florin
29-Apr-1999Oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes in human central nervous system tumoursLiu, Lu
1-Jan-1999On ionising radiation and breast cancer riskMattsson, Anders
23-Oct-1998Cancer risks in Swedish pesticide applicators in agriculture, forestry and gardening : a toxicological and epidemiological approachDich, Jan
5-Sep-2006Development of AIDS associated and endemic Kaposi sarcoma : HHV-8/KSHV viral load in cutaneous and oral tumor cellsPak, Fatemeh

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