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12-Nov-1999Significance of serotonin for pain, allodynia, and hyperalgesia in the human masseter muscleErnberg, Malin
19-Nov-1999Premolar autotransplantation in orthodontic treatment : a clinical and radiographic long-term studyPaulsen, Hans Ulrik
7-Jan-2000The role of liquid resin in orthodontic bonding : toxicological, bond strength and clinical aspectsTang, Alexander Tin Hong
5-May-2000Salivary function after pediatric bone marrow transplantationBågesund, Mats
14-Apr-1999Studies on host-response markers in gingival crevicular fluid and subgingival periodontopathogens : implications in assessment and monitoring of subjects with periodontal diseasesJin, Lijian
5-Nov-1999Neuropeptides in temporomandibular joint arthritisAppelgren, Anna
14-May-1999Tissue responses to bone-implant biomaterialsLiao, Haihong
19-Mar-1999Periodontal disease in adolescents with Down syndromeBarr Agholme, Monica
8-Oct-1999Regulation of prostaglandin E2 synthesis in human gingival fibroblastsYucel-Lindberg, Tülay
14-May-2004The miswak (chewing stick) and oral health : Studies on oral hygiene practices of urban Saudi ArabiansAl-Otaibi, Meshari
23-Dec-2005Progression of periodontitis and influence of periodontal bacteria on release of inflammatory markers in Swedish adultsAirila-Månsson, Stella
26-Nov-2004Novel non-collagenous modulators of biomineralization in bone and dentinSomogyi-Ganss, Eszter
30-Jan-2004The role of periodontitis in cardiovascular diseaseBuhlin, Kåre
5-Mar-2004Visual linearization of image data for the display of digital intraoral radiographsLi, Gang
16-Sep-2005Palatal plate therapy in children with Down syndrome : A longitudinal study of effects on oral motor functionCarlstedt, Kerstin
9-Nov-2001Masseter muscle pain and its relation to pain mediators in fibromyalgia and local myalgiaHedenberg-Magnusson, Britt
21-Nov-2003Studies on uptake and effect of triclosan on production of inflammatory mediators in human gingival fibroblastsMustafa, Manal
28-Dec-2001Dentin surface conditioning : The role of collagen in dentin bondingCederlund, Andreas
18-May-2001Hyperreactive peripheral neutrophils in periodontitis : FCc receptor activation and plasma proteinsFredriksson, Margareta
10-May-2002RP59, a novel stem cell protein and mapping of its expressionKrüger-Almerén, Anders

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