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14-Nov-2008From cholesterol to oxidative stress in Alzheimer s disease : A wide perspective on a multifactorial diseaseAkterin, Susanne
26-Oct-2007Upplevd allergi och överkänslighet : särskilt födoämnesöverkänslighet och dess konsekvenser för barn, ungdomar och deras familjerMarklund, Birgitta
18-Aug-2006Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease : focus on amyloid â-peptide, homocysteine and metalsReliga, Dorota
26-Feb-2010Studies on gamma-secretase activity and productsFrånberg, Jenny
26-Mar-2004Studies on the gamma-secretase complex and processing of the Alzheimer's disease-associated amyloid precursor proteinBergman, Anna
15-May-2007Att vara närstående och vårdare till en person med livshotande cancersjukdomWennman-Larsen, Agneta
6-Mar-2009Physical activity in Swedes in general and minority women in particularSödergren, Marita
4-Apr-2007Self-reported health among immigrants from the former Soviet Union : Quantitative and qualitative studies in SwedenBlomstedt, Yulia
10-Oct-2008Elderly South Africans in transition : The daily life circumstances, beliefs concerning health and illness and the influences on caring and family structureBohman, Doris
27-Nov-2007In vitro modelling of tau phosphorylating kinases : emphasis of Cdk5Jämsä, Anne
1-Apr-2005Antisocial behaviour in clinically referred boys : Early identification and assessment procedures in child psychiatryEnebrink, Pia
23-Nov-2001Appetitive and consummatory ingestive behavior : Role of taste, dopamine and NPYSederholm, Fredrik
25-Sep-2009Magnetic resonance studies in Alzheimer´s diseaseWestman, Eric
2-Apr-2010Inflammation as a therapeutic target for Alzheimer s diseaseHjorth, Erik
12-Oct-2007Effects of physical training on physical performance in frail elderly peopleRydwik, Elisabeth
9-Sep-2008Socioeconomic differences in drug use among older people : Trends, polypharmacy, quality and new drugsHaider, Syed Imran
23-Nov-2007Tau and neurofilament proteins in Alzheimer's disease and related cell modelsBjörkdahl, Cecilia
14-Jan-2010The Stockholm - Thessaloniki acute traumatic spinal cord injury studyDivanoglou, Anestis
20-Apr-2009Leisure activities at old age and their influence on dementia developmentPaillard-Borg, Stéphanie
2-Jan-2004Telephone advice nursing : Callers perceptions, nurses experience of problems and basis for assessmentsWahlberg, Anna Carin

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