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19-May-2000Folding and retention of rotavirus glycoproteins in the endoplasmic reticulumMirazimi, Ali
18-May-2000HIV-1 infection in Tanzania with special reference to early diagnosis in children and preparations for vaccine trialsLyamuya, Eligius Francis
6-Apr-2000Glycoprotein B of human cytomegalovirus : target for neutralising antibodies, ligand for cellular receptors, inducer of autoimmunity?Silvestri, Michel
4-May-2000p53 functional loss by mutation and p53 antagonizing proteins during tumor developmentWang, Qian
24-Mar-2000The HER2/neu oncoprotein and dendritic cells in immunity against tumorsRongcun, Yang
5-May-2000Methods for detection of HIV-2/SIV infectionsWalther Jallow, Lilian
3-May-2000Biochemical and epidemiological characterization of serogroup C rotavirusNilsson, Mikael
2-Feb-2000Carbohydrate-mediated adhesion in Plasmodium falciparum malariaBarragan, Antonio
27-Dec-1999Leishmania and HIV-1 interaction : immunopathogenic mechanismsWolday, Dawit
26-Nov-1999Mechanisms of immune dysfunction in human lymphomasSjöberg, Jan
26-Nov-1999Suppressive DNA vaccination in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisLobell, Anna
25-Nov-1999Immunity and immunosuppression in the tumor-host interactionPetersson, Max
4-Feb-2000Biological determinants of HIV infection : studies of viral evolution during disease progression in children and adultsBjörndal, Åsa
29-Oct-1999Studies in DNA immunizationSvanholm, Cecilia
12-Nov-1999Genetic vaccination against acute viral diseaseFleeton, Marina N.
15-Nov-1999Chronic hepatitis B : immunological, virological and clinical aspects in the natural course and during the combined prednisolone and interferon-alpha-2b therapyFei, Guo-Zhong
11-Nov-1999Molecular and cellular mechanisms during adherence and cell signaling of pathogenic Neisseria to host cellsKällström, Helena
5-Nov-1999Type-specific human papillomavirus antibodies : detection, characterization and application in seroepidemiologyWang, Zhaohui
23-Nov-1999Glucocorticoid in T cell differentiationXue, Yintong
28-Oct-1999Drug resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosisAbate, Getahun

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