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Title: Forward-genetics analysis of sleep in randomly mutagenized mice
Authors: Funato, Hiromasa;Miyoshi, Chika;Fujiyama, Tomoyuki;Kanda, Takeshi;Sato, Makito;Wang, Zhiqiang;Ma, Jing;Nakane, Shin;Tomita, Jun;Ikkyu, Aya;Kakizaki, Miyo;Hotta-Hirashima, Noriko;Kanno, Satomi;Komiya, Haruna;Asano, Fuyuki;Honda, Takato;Kim, Staci J;Harano,
Year: 2016
Abstract: Sleep is an animal behaviour ubiquitously conserved from vertebrates to invertebrates, including flies and nematodes 1–3 , and is tightly regu-lated in a homeostatic manner. Sleep in mammals exhibits the cycles of REMS and NREMS that are defined by charac
volume: Volume 539
issue: Issue 7629
month: November
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