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14-Apr-2000Development of squamous cell carcinoma in venous ulcersBaldursson, Baldur
7-Apr-2000The role of endothelin during myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion : pathophysiological mechanisms and interactions with nitric oxideGonon, Adrian T.
14-Apr-2000Coronary heart disease in women : diagnostic and prognostic markersal-Khalili, Faris
21-Jan-2000Cytokines in rheumatoid arthritisUlfgren, Ann-Kristin
25-Nov-1999Laser Doppler imaging of patch tests : a methodological and comparative study with visual assessmentsBjarnason, Bolli
1-Nov-1999SLE : pathogenetic mechanisms in nephritis and sulphasalazine-induced lupus reactionsGunnarsson, Iva
24-Dec-1999Predictive testing for contact allergy : comparison of some guinea pig and mouse protocols including dose-response designsWahlkvist, Helen
5-Nov-1999Functional characterisation of polymorphisms in candidate genes for coronary heart diseasevan't Hooft, Ferdinand M.
29-Oct-1999Telomerase activity and its regulation in malignant hematopoietic cellsXu, Dawei
20-Aug-1999RNA-protein complexes as autoantigens : cell and molecular biology of Ro/SSA and disease associations of anti-Ro/SSA antibodiesPourmand, Nader
28-May-1999Physical fitness and quality of life in elderly patients recovering from an acute coronary event : a randomised controlled study on the effects of aerobic group trainingStåhle, Agneta
6-Sep-1999Malaria on islands : human and parasite diversities and implications for malaria control in VanuatuKaneko, Akira
8-Oct-1999Angina pectoris: neurophysiological mechanisms : with special references to adenosine and Syndrome XEriksson, Björn E.
17-Sep-1999The immune response in atherosclerosis and acute coronary syndromesCaligiuri, Giuseppina
18-Oct-1999Genetic dissection of experimental autoimmune neuroinflammatory diseases in ratsDahlman, Ingrid
30-Oct-1998Cell death in atherosclerosisCrisby, Milita
28-May-1999Immunogenetics and treatment of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisWeissert, Robert
24-Mar-1999Regulation of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 : role of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, fatty acids and fibrate compoundsNilsson, Lennart
18-Nov-1998Studies of immune mechansims in Myasthenia GravisXu, Biying
30-Oct-1998Treatment of deep vein thrombosis and risk of recurrent venous thromboembolismLindmarker, Per

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