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20150136.pdf.jpg2015Influence of pulse sequence parameters at 1.5 T and 3.0 T on MRI artefacts produced by metal-ceramic restorationsCortes, A R G; Abdala-Junior, R; Weber, M; Arita, E S; Ackerman, J L
20150090.pdf.jpg2015Large tonsillolith associated with the accessory duct of the ipsilateral submandibular gland: support for saliva stasis hypothesisPirkl, I; Filipović, B; Goranović, T; Šimunjak, B
20150079.pdf.jpg20153D dento-maxillary osteolytic lesion and active contour segmentation pilot study in CBCT: semi-automatic vs manual methodsVallaeys, K; Kacem, A; Legoux, H; Le Tenier, M; Hamitouche, C; Arbab-Chirani, R
20150078.pdf.jpg2015Effect of exposure parameters and voxel size on bone structure analysis in CBCTPauwels, R; Faruangsaeng, T; Charoenkarn, T; Ngonphloy, N; Panmekiate, S
20150065.pdf.jpg2015Efficacy of lead foil for reducing doses in the head and neck: a simulation study using digital intraoral systemsNejaim, Y; Silva, A I V; Brasil, D M; Vasconcelos, K F; Haiter Neto, F; Boscolo, F N
20150062.pdf.jpg2015A novel measurement method for the morphology of the mandibular ramus using homologous modellingInoue, K; Nakano, H; Sumida, T; Yamada, T; Otawa, N; Fukuda, N; Nakajima, Y; Kumamaru, W; Mishima, K; Kouchi, M; Takahashi, I; Mori, Y
20150041.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2015Evaluation of the effective dose of cone beam computed tomography and multi-slice computed tomography for temporomandibular joint examinations at optimized exposure levelsKadesjö, Nils; Benchimol, Daniel; Falahat, Babak; Näsström, Karin; Shi, Xie-Qi
20150028.pdf.jpg2015Dynamic 1.5-T vs 3-T true fast imaging with steady-state precession (trueFISP)-MRI sequences for assessment of velopharyngeal functionSinko, K; Czerny, C; Jagsch, R; Baumann, A; Kulinna-Cosentini, C
20140413.pdf.jpg2015Influence of CBCT parameters on the output of an automatic edge-detection-based endodontic segmentationMichetti, J; Georgelin-Gurgel, M; Mallet, J-P; Diemer, F; Boulanouar, K
20159003.pdf.jpg2015Correction to Effective dose of dental CBCT--a meta analysis of published data and additional data for nine CBCT unitsLudlow, J B; Timothy, R; Walker, C; Hunter, R; Benavides, E; Samuelson, D B
20150133.pdf.jpg2015Cysticercosis of the masseter: Author responseBhat, V; Nagarjuna, M; Belaval, V; Shetty, S; Salins, P C
20150094.pdf.jpg2015Detection of carotid artery calcification on the panoramic images of post-menopausal females is significantly associated with severe abdominal aortic calcification: a risk indicator of future adverse vascular eventsFriedlander, A H; El Saden, S M; Hazboun, R C; Chang, T I; Wong, W K; Garrett, N R
20150091.pdf.jpg2015Cysticercosis of the masseterWiwanitkit, V
20150070.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of the influence of FOV sizes and different voxel resolutions for the assessment of periodontal defectsKolsuz, M E; Bagis, N; Orhan, K; Avsever, H; Demiralp, K Ö
20150047.pdf.jpg2015MR relaxometry for the facial ageing assessment: the preliminary study of the age dependency in the MR relaxometry parameters within the facial soft tissueWatanabe, M; Buch, K; Fujita, A; Christiansen, C L; Jara, H; Sakai, O
20150034.pdf.jpg2015Development and evaluation of a standardized method and atlas for contouring primary and permanent dentitionFang, P; Batra, S; Hollander, A B; Lin, A; Hill-Kayser, C E; Levin, L M; Mupparapu, M; Thompson, R F
20150023.pdf.jpg2015Correlation between temporomandibular joint morphology and disc displacement by MRIde Farias, J F G; Melo, S L S; Bento, P M; Oliveira, L S A F; Campos, P S F; de Melo, D P
20150019.pdf.jpg2015To see bruxism: a functional MRI studyYılmaz, S
20140438.pdf.jpg2015Proposal of new upper airway margins in children assessed by CBCTAnandarajah, S; Abdalla, Y; Dudhia, R; Sonnesen, L
20140325.pdf.jpg2015Differentiation of benign and malignant lesions of the tongue by using diffusion-weighted MRI at 3.0 TLi, S; Cheng, J; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z

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