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7-Apr-2000Factors related to the occurrence of gastric adenocarcinoma subtypesEkström, Anna Mia
11-Aug-2000Human papillomavirus and cervical carcinoma in situ : implications for future screeningYlitalo, Nathalie
31-Dec-1999Teenage childbearing : pregnancy outcomes and long-term consequences for the mothersOtterblad Olausson, Petra
19-Dec-2014Risk prediction models for cardiovascular disease and overall mortalityGanna, Andrea
10-Sep-2004Genetic susceptibility to breast and endometrial cancerWedrén, Sara
14-May-2004Medical interventions and gastric cancer risk : An observational approachFall, Katja
26-Nov-2004Regression on high-dimensional predictor space : With application in chemometrics and microarray dataGusnanto, Arief
30-Dec-2005Penicillin-resistant pneumococci in Sweden : Epidemiology and public health responseHögberg, Liselotte
21-May-2004Epidemiological studies of Helicobacter pylori and its relation to cancer and precancerous lesions in the upper gastrointestinal tractHeld, Maria
9-Jan-2004New evidence on germ-cell testicular cancer aetiologyRichiardi, Lorenzo
15-Feb-2002Epidemiological studies of stillbirth and early neonatal deathStephansson, Olof
22-Feb-2002Does cancer originate in utero?Kaijser, Magnus
24-Oct-2003Aspects of gastroesophageal reflux and risk for esophageal cancer : An epidemiological approachYe, Weimin
16-Mar-2001Epidemiological studies of host susceptibility in malignant lymphomas and colorectal cancerAskling, Johan
31-Jul-2014Birth weight as an independent predictor of ADHD symptoms : a within-twin pair analysisPettersson, Erik; Sjölander, Arvid; Almqvist, Catarina; Anckarsäter, Henrik; D’Onofrio, Brian M.; Lichtenstein, Paul; Larsson, Henrik
17-Dec-2014Health outcomes of women with breast cancerColzani, Edoardo
15-Sep-2000The role of physical activity in the prevention of breast and endometrial cancerMoradi, Tahereh
22-Dec-2000Dietary prevention of gastrointestinal cancer : epidemiologic studies of fruit, vegetables and cerealsTerry, Paul
4-Aug-2014Multiple sclerosis and psychiatric disorders : comorbidity and sibling risk in a nationwide Swedish cohortJohansson, Viktoria; Lundholm, Cecilia; Hillert, Jan; Masterman, Thomas; Lichtenstein, Paul; Landén, Mikael; Hultman, Christina M.
27-Aug-2014Childhood family income, adolescent violent criminality and substance misuse : a quasi-experimental total population studySariaslan, Amir; Larsson, Henrik; D’Onofrio, Brian; Långström, Niklas; Lichtenstein, Paul

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