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J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 108.pdf.jpg2017Does Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence among Cardiovascular Disease Patients Vary by Gender? Evidence from a Nationally Representative SampleS. Bhuyan, Soumitra; Shiyanbola, Olayinka; Kedia, Satish; Chandak, Aastha; Wang, Wang; O. Isehunwa, Oluwaseyi; Anunobi, Nnamdi; Ebuenyi, Ikenna; Deka, Pallav; Ahn, SangNam; F. Chang, Cyril
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 100.pdf.jpg2017A Comparison of Profiles of Transtheoretical Model Constructs of Change among Depressed and Nondepressed Women at Risk for an Alcohol-Exposed PregnancyK. Johnson, Shannon; von Sternberg, Kirk; M. Velasquez, Mary
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 93.pdf.jpg2017Is It Safe to Vape? Analyzing Online Forums Discussing E-Cigarette Use during PregnancyWigginton, Britta; Gartner, Coral; J. Rowlands, Ingrid
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 83.pdf.jpg2017Stressful Life Event Experiences of Pregnant Women in the United States: A Latent Class AnalysisMukherjee, Soumyadeep; Coxe, Stefany; Fennie, Kristopher; Madhivanan, Purnima; Jo Trepka, Mary
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 75.pdf.jpg2017Recommendations about Pregnancy from Women with Mobility Disability to Their PeersI. Iezzoni, Lisa; J. Wint, Amy; C. Smeltzer, Suzanne; L. Ecker, Jeffrey
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 67.pdf.jpg2017The Characteristics of Women Who Use Complementary Medicine While Attempting to Conceive: Results from a Nationally Representative Sample of 13,224 Australian WomenSteel, Amie; Adams, Jon; Sibbritt, David
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 60.pdf.jpg2017Investing in CenteringPregnancy! Group Prenatal Care Reduces Newborn Hospitalization CostsCrockett, Amy; C. Heberlein, Emily; Glasscock, Leah; Covington-Kolb, Sarah; Shea, Karen; A. Khan, Imtiaz
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 50.pdf.jpg2017Antenatal Maternity Leave and Childbirth Using the First Baby Study: A Propensity Score AnalysisM. Goodman, Julia; Guendelman, Sylvia; H. Kjerulff, Kristen
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 43.pdf.jpg2017Physicians’ Perceived Roles, as Well as Barriers, Toward Caring for Women Sex Assault SurvivorsAmin, Priyanka; Buranosky, Raquel; C. Chang, Judy
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 36.pdf.jpg2017Rapid Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing and Risk Prevention in Residents of Battered Women’s SheltersM. Johnson, Dawn; L. Johnson, Nicole; G. Beckwith, Curt; A. Palmieri, Patrick; Zlotnick, Caron
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 29.pdf.jpg2017An Evaluation of Contraception Education and Health Promotion Applications for PatientsLundex, Britt; Perry, Rachel; Sridhar, Aparna; T. Chen, Katherine
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 21.pdf.jpg2017Are Uncertain Fertility Intentions a Temporary or Long-term Outlook? Findings from a Panel StudyK. Jones, Rachel
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 14.pdf.jpg2017Awareness of United States’ Law for Nursing Mothers among Employers in New Orleans, LouisianaH. Alb, Caitrin; Theall, Katherine; B. Jacobs, Marni; Bales, Ana
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 5.pdf.jpg2017The Best of Intentions: A Structural Analysis of the Association between Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Unintended Pregnancy in a Sample of Mothers from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (1979)Wise, Akilah; T. Geronimus, Arline; J. Smock, Pamela
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 2.pdf.jpg2017Zika: A Missed Opportunity to Protect Women’s Health and Prevent Unwanted PregnanciesP. Theall, Katherine; Wallace, Maeve; M. Wesson, Dawn
J-7-Vol-27-Issue-1-Jan-Feb-2017 - 1.pdf.jpg2017Gibbs Leadership Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2016Jou, Judy; M. McGovern, Patricia; K. Gjerdingen, Dwenda

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