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Title: Effect of a Biofield Treatment on Plant Growth and Adaptation
Authors: Trivedi, Mahendra Kumar;Nayak, Gopal
subject: Biofield Treatment;Plant Adaptation;Genetic Impact;Chlorophyll;Glutathione;Micropropagation;Trivedi Effect;Mahendra Trivedi;Growth and Adaptation of Ws Plants
Year: 27-Apr-2015
Publisher: Ommega Online
Abstract: Quantum mechanics was developed when human energies of consciousness were found to influence observations at the scale of elementary particles, here referred as non-contact biofield treatment or biofield energies . Quantum mechanics has also proved efficacious in biological processes. The present experiments found an enhanced and significant impact of the biofield treatment on adaptive micropropagation response and callus induction of two plant species, Withania somnifera and Amaranthus dubius. The enhancement was perhaps due to greater focus on adaptation rather than specific mechanisms, showing high potential including at biochemical and genetic levels. Possible reasons for the enhancement are discussed and a possible model is presented, consistent with current scientific theory.
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