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Mar-2017Journal of Epidemiology &Commounity Health - J-100-Vol-71-Issu-3-Mar-2017=FULLTEXT-
Feb-2017Journal of Epidemiology &Commounity Health - J-100-Vol-71-Issu-2-Feb-2017=FULLTEXT-
Jan-2017Associations of socioeconomic position in childhood and young adulthood with cardiometabolic risk factors: the Jerusalem Perinatal Family Follow-Up StudySavitsky, B; Manor, O; Friedlander, Y; Burger, A; Lawrence, G; Calderon-Margalit, R; Siscovick, D S; Enquobahrie, D A; Williams, M A; Hochner, H
Jan-2017Arsenic in chicken: a tale of data and policyLasky, Tamar
Jan-2017Operationalising resilience in longitudinal studies: a systematic review of methodological approachesCosco, T D; Kaushal, A; Hardy, R; Richards, M; Kuh, D; Stafford, M
Jan-2017Interventions to reduce inequalities in vaccine uptake in children and adolescents aged <19 years: a systematic reviewCrocker-Buque, Tim; Edelstein, Michael; Mounier-Jack, Sandra
Jan-2017Community vulnerability and symptoms of acute respiratory infection among preschool age children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Nigeria: evidence from Demographic and Health SurveysChiao, Chi
Jan-2017Impact of socioeconomic position on frailty trajectories in 10 European countries: evidence from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (2004-2013)Stolz, Erwin; Mayerl, Hannes; Waxenegger, Anja; Rásky, Éva; Freidl, Wolfgang
Jan-2017Paternal education and adverse birth outcomes in CanadaShapiro, Gabriel D; Bushnik, Tracey; Sheppard, Amanda J; Kramer, Michael S; Kaufman, Jay S; Yang, Seungmi
Jan-2017Lifestyle changes at middle age and mortality: a population-based prospective cohort studyBerstad, Paula; Botteri, Edoardo; Larsen, Inger Kristin; Løberg, Magnus; Kalager, Mette; Holme, Øyvind; Bretthauer, Michael; Hoff, Geir
Jan-2017Do health checks for adults with intellectual disability reduce emergency hospital admissions? Evaluation of a natural experimentCarey, Iain M; Hosking, Fay J; Harris, Tess; DeWilde, Stephen; Beighton, Carole; Shah, Sunil M; Cook, Derek G
Jan-2017Periodontitis is an independent risk indicator for atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases among 60 174 participants in a large dental school in the NetherlandsBeukers, Nicky G F M; van der Heijden, Geert J M G; van Wijk, Arjen J; Loos, Bruno G
Jan-2017Competing risk analysis of factors related to long-term incidence of CHDMacKenzie, Gilbert; Greig, Mary; Hay, Iris; Pemberton, John
Jan-2017Long-term excess mortality associated with diabetes following acute myocardial infarction: a population-based cohort studyAlabas, O A; Hall, M; Dondo, T B; Rutherford, M J; Timmis, A D; Batin, P D; Deanfield, J E; Hemingway, H; Gale, C P
Jan-2017Presence of minor and major mental health impairment in adolescence and death from suicide and unintentional injuries/accidents in men: a national longitudinal cohort studyFadum, Elin Anita; Fønnebø, Vinjar; Borud, Einar Kristian
Jan-2017Antidepressant use and violent crimes among young people: a longitudinal examination of the Finnish 1987 birth cohortHemminki, Elina; Merikukka, Marko; Gissler, Mika; Wahlbeck, Kristian; Savolainen, Jukka; Ristikari, Tiina; Aaltonen, Mikko
Jan-2017Leisure activities are linked to mental health benefits by providing time structure: comparing employed, unemployed and homemakersGoodman, William K; Geiger, Ashley M; Wolf, Jutta M

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