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Jan-2017A transapical-to-aorta double lumen cannula-based neonate left ventricular assist device efficiently unloads the left ventricle in neonate lambsZhou, Cheng; Wang, Dongfang; Ballard-Croft, Cherry; Zhao, Guangfeng; Reda, Hassan K; Topaz, Stephen; Zwischenberger, Joseph
Jan-2017The hybrid procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome: A procedure still looking for its placeMery, Carlos M
Jan-2017Is a hybrid strategy a lower-risk alternative to stage 1 Norwood operation?Wilder, Travis J; McCrindle, Brian W; Hickey, Edward J; Ziemer, Gerhard; Tchervenkov, Christo I; Jacobs, Marshall L; Gruber, Peter J; Blackstone, Eugene H; Williams, William G; DeCampli, William M; Caldarone, Christopher A; Pizarro, Christian
Jan-2017Evaluating the stented bovine jugular vein graft valve (Melody) for mitral valve replacement: New echocardiographic criteria to evaluate novel techniquesChai, Paul J
Jan-2017Assessment of the Melody valve in the mitral position in young children by echocardiographyFreud, Lindsay R; Marx, Gerald R; Marshall, Audrey C; Tworetzky, Wayne; Emani, Sitaram M
Jan-2017Preserving the V-engine shape of the left ventricle with Melody mitral valve replacement in small childrenMyers, Patrick O
Jan-2017Routine intravenous acetaminophen for postcardiac surgery analgesia: High costs and questionable benefitsKulik, Alexander
Jan-2017Cardiac surgery centers are ideal places to treat patients undergoing life-threatening deep accidental hypothermia using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation venoarterial therapyDarocha, Tomasz; Stoliński, Jarosław; Piątek, Jacek
Jan-2017Predicting recurrent mitral regurgitation after mitral valve repair: A difficult endeavor and a necessityBouchard, Denis; Perrault, Louis P; Kron, Irving L; Hung, Judy W
Jan-2017Predicting recurrent mitral regurgitation after mitral valve repair: A difficult endeavor and a necessityBouchard, Denis; Perrault, Louis P; Kron, Irving L; Hung, Judy W
Jan-2017The putative mechanism of recurrent valve regurgitation after valve repair in ischemic mitral valve regurgitationWang, Shuiyun; Tang, Bing
Jan-2017Scan, plan, print, practice, perform: A disruptive technology?Hui, Dawn S; Lee, Richard
Jan-2017Scan, plan, print, practice, perform: Development and use of a patient-specific 3-dimensional printed model in adult cardiac surgeryHermsen, Joshua L; Burke, Thomas M; Seslar, Stephen P; Owens, David S; Ripley, Beth A; Mokadam, Nahush A; Verrier, Edward D
Jan-2017Transdifferentiation: A new frontier in cardiovascular cell therapyIbrahim, Michael; Atluri, Pavan
Jan-2017To beat acute kidney injury, you need to keep your eye on the goalDiNardo, James A
Jan-2017A pilot goal-directed perfusion initiative is associated with less acute kidney injury after cardiac surgeryMagruder, J Trent; Crawford, Todd C; Harness, Herbert Lynn; Grimm, Joshua C; Suarez-Pierre, Alejandro; Wierschke, Chad; Biewer, Jim; Hogue, Charles; Whitman, Glenn R; Shah, Ashish S; Barodka, Viachaslau
Jan-2017Prediction of prolonged mechanical ventilation after cardiac surgery: An imperfect crystal ballPulido, Juan N
Jan-2017A derived and validated score to predict prolonged mechanical ventilation in patients undergoing cardiac surgerySharma, Vivek; Rao, Vivek; Manlhiot, Cedric; Boruvka, Audrey; Fremes, Stephen; Wąsowicz, Marcin
Jan-2017Off-pump ventricular assist device implantation: Easy as 1, 2, 3?Kilic, Arman; Atluri, Pavan
Jan-2017Off-pump implantation of the HeartMate 3 left ventricular assist device through a bilateral thoracotomy approachPotapov, Evgenij V; Kukucka, Marian; Falk, Volkmar; Krabatsch, Thomas

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