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2017A comparable study of the diagnostic performance of orbital ultrasonography and CBCT in patients with suspected orbital floor fractures: some considerations-author's replyJohari, Masoumeh; Mahmoudian, Hediyeh; Fouladi, Daniel F
2017Validity of the assessment method of skeletal maturation by cervical vertebrae: a systematic review and meta-analysisOliveira, Luciana B; Turssi, Cecilia P; Junqueira, José Luiz C
2017A comparable study of the diagnostic performance of orbital ultrasonography and CBCT in patients with suspected orbital floor fractures: some considerationsda Silveira, Heraldo L D; Fontana, Mathias P; da Silveira, Heloísa E D
Jan-2017Radiographic signs of pathology determining removal of an impacted mandibular third molar assessed in a panoramic image or CBCTMatzen, Louise H; Schropp, Lars; Spin-Neto, Rubens; Wenzel, Ann
Jan-2017Post-processing open-source software for the CBCT monitoring of periapical lesions healing following endodontic treatment: technical report of two casesVilloria, Eduardo M; Lenzi, Antônio R; Soares, Rodrigo V; Souki, Bernardo Q; Sigurdsson, Asgeir; Marques, Alexandre P; Fidel, Sandra R
Jan-2017Image quality evaluation of small FOV and large FOV CBCT devices for oral and maxillofacial radiologyDillenseger, Jean-Philippe; Gros, Catherine-Isabelle; Sayeh, Amira; Rasamimanana, Johary; Lawniczak, Fabrice; Leminor, Jean-Marie; Matern, Jean-François; Constantinesco, André; Bornert, Fabien; Choquet, Philippe
Jan-2017MR imaging of the temporomandibular joint: comparison between acquisitions at 7.0 T using dielectric pads and 3.0 TKuhn, Felix P; Spinner, Georg; Del Grande, Filippo; Wyss, Michael; Piccirelli, Marco; Erni, Stefan; Pfister, Pascal; Ho, Michael; Sah, Bert-Ram; Filli, Lukas; Ettlin, Dominik A; Gallo, Luigi M; Andreisek, Gustav; Manoliu, Andrei
Jan-2017Diffusion-weighted MRI for differentiation between sialadenitis and pleomorphic adenomaTerra, Guilherme T C; Oliveira, Jefferson X D; Hernandez, Adalsa; Lourenço, Silvia V; Arita, Emiko S; Cortes, Arthur R G
18-Dec-2016Are different imaging methods affecting the treatment decision of extractions of mandibular third molars?Manor, Yifat; Abir, Refael; Manor, Alex; Kaffe, Israel
Jan-2017Study of the frequency and location of incidental findings of the maxillofacial region in different fields of view in CBCT scansLopes, Ivna A; Tucunduva, Rosana M A; Handem, Roberta H; Capelozza, Ana Lucia A
Jan-2017Reaching for better image quality and lower radiation dose in head and neck CT: advanced modeled and sinogram-affirmed iterative reconstruction in combination with tube voltage adaptationSchmid, Andrea I; Uder, Michael; Lell, Michael M
Jan-2017Management of a large diffuse maxillofacial arteriovenous malformation previously treated with ligation of ipsilateral arterial supplyDmytriw, Adam A; Song, Jin S A; Power, Sarah; Saliou, Guillaume; terBrugge, Karel
Jan-2017Three-dimensional cone-beam CT sialography in non tumour salivary pathologies: procedure and resultsBertin, Hélios; Bonnet, Raphael; Delemazure, Anne-Sophie; Mourrain-Langlois, Emmanuelle; Mercier, Jacques; Corre, Pierre

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