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2017Cytogenetic Biomonitoring in Buccal Mucosa Cells from Young SmokersPereira da Silva, Victor Hugo; Ribeiro, Daniel Araki
2017Cytogenetic Biomonitoring in Buccal Mucosa Cells of Young SmokersNersesyan, Armen; Parsadanyan, Gohar; Zalinyan, Gayane; Chobanyan, Naira
2017Lung Nodule with Increasing Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake in a Patient with a History of Lung Carcinoma and Talc Pleurodesis Evaluated by EBUS-TBNA On-Site AssessmentKurian, Elizabeth M
2017c-Myb Overexpression in Cytology Smears of Tracheobronchial and Pulmonary Adenoid Cystic CarcinomasVallonthaiel, Archana George; Jain, Deepali; Singh, Varsha; Kaur, Kavneet; Madan, Karan; Kumar, Vinay; Iyer, Venkateswaran K; Sharma, Mehar Chand
2017Applying the Paris System for Reporting Urine Cytology Increases the Rate of Atypical Urothelial Cells in Benign Cases: A Need for Patient Management RecommendationsGranados, Rosario; Duarte, Joanny A; Corrales, Teresa; Camarmo, Encarnación; Bajo, Paloma
2017Brush Cytology and AgNOR in the Diagnosis of Oral Squamous Cell CarcinomaJajodia, Ekta; Raphael, Vandana; Shunyu, N Brian; Ralte, Sarah; Pala, Star; Jitani, Ankit Kumar
2017Cytomorphology and Histology Correlation of Rosai-Dorfman Disease: A 15-Year Study from a Tertiary Referral Centre in South IndiaHussain, Abid; Tandon, Ashwani; Prayaga, Aruna K; Paul, Tara Roshni; Narendra, Anukonda M V R
2017Cutaneous Metastasis: A Study of 138 Cases Diagnosed by Fine-Needle Aspiration CytologyHanda, Uma; Kundu, Reetu; Dimri, Kislay
2017Cytomorphological Analysis of Lymph Node Lesions in HIV-Positive Patients with CD4 Count Correlation: A Cross-Sectional StudyNasser, Sadia Siddiqa; Patil, Rashmi K; Kittur, Shreekanth K
2017Human Immunodeficiency Virus Lymphadenitis Patterns on Fine-Needle Aspiration CytologyAgnihotri, Mona; Naik, Leena; Chaudhari, Sachin; Kothari, Kanchan
2017Serous Cystadenoma of the Pancreas: Potentials and Pitfalls of a Preoperative Cytopathologic DiagnosisLilo, Mohammed T; VandenBussche, Christopher J; Allison, Derek B; Lennon, Anne Marie; Younes, Bouchra K; Hruban, Ralph H; Wolfgang, Christopher L; Ali, Syed Z
2017Thyroid Atypia/Follicular Lesion of Undetermined Significance: Attitudes towards the Diagnosis of Bethesda System III NodulesEstrada Muñoz, Lourdes; Díaz Del Arco, Cristina; Ortega Medina, Luis; Fernández Aceñero, M Jesús
2017Immunohistochemical Staining of Histological Fragments Derived from Salivary Gland Tumour Fine-Needle Biopsy AspiratesLundberg, Marie; Munsterhjelm, Berent; Mäkitie, Antti; Leivo, Ilmo
2017Cytomorphological Features Useful to Prevent Errors in the Diagnosis of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma by Fine Needle Aspiration CytologyChi, Zhikai; Wu, Howard H; Cramer, Harvey; Lin, Jingmei; Chen, Shaoxiong
20172017: Sixty Years of Acta CytologicaSyrjänen, Kari
2017IAC Standardized Reporting of Breast Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy CytologyField, Andrew S; Schmitt, Fernando; Vielh, Philippe

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