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Title: BDNFVal66met polymorphism: a potential bridge between depression and thrombosis
Authors: Amadio, Patrizia;Colombo, Gualtiero I.;Tarantino, Eva;Gianellini, Sara;Ieraci, Alessandro;Brioschi, Maura;Banfi, Cristina;Werba, José P.;Parolari, Alessandro;Lee, Francis S.;Tremoli, Elena;Barbieri, Silvia S.
subject: acs;and incidence of acute;bdnfval66met polymorphism;coronary syndrome;Depression;epidemiological studies suggest a;platelet;strong link between depression;thrombosis;translational perspective;using a knock-in mouse;vascular inflammation
Year: 2017
Abstract: AIMS Epidemiological studies strongly suggest a link between stress, depression, and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs); the mechanistic correlation, however, is poorly understood. A single-nucleotide polymorphism in the BDNF gene (BDNFVal66Met), associated w
volume: Volume 38
issue: Issue 18
month: May
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