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20-Jan-2015Birth by vacuum extractionAhlberg, Mia
24-Dec-1999Fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis and management of childhood small round cell tumoursFröstad, Björn
11-Aug-2000Suicidal behaviour in children and adolescents in Sweden and some European countries : epidemiological and clinical aspectsHultén, Agnes
31-May-2000Regulation of ion transport in the gastrointestinal tract : aspects of early developmentGrahnquist, Lena
22-Jan-2015Preservation of vaccine-induced long-term B cell memory and the effects of immunosuppressive treatmentIngelman-Sundberg, Hanna M.
5-May-2000Anterior cruciate ligament injuries in childrenJanarv, Per-Mats
26-May-1999Regulation of Na+,K+-ATPase activity by protein phosphatase-1 and protein kinase C : studies in infant and adult renal tissue and on vascular smooth muscle cellsLi, Dailin
17-Sep-1999The developing rat kidney : the dopamine system and related serine/threonine kinases and phosphatasesSvennilson, Johan
19-Nov-1999Immune responses related to protection against rotavirus after natural infection and vaccinationJohansen, Kari
5-Nov-1999Postural adjustments in sitting position : effect of development, training and brain lesionsBrogren, Eva
21-May-1999Studies on children's psychological adjustment to diabetesLernmark, Barbro
6-Nov-1998Epidemiological studies including new methods for cluster analysis of acute childhood leukaemia and brain tumours in SwedenHjalmars, Ulf
30-Oct-1998Prader-Willi syndrome : diagnosis and effects of growth hormone treatmentLindgren, Ann Christin
4-Jan-1999Hypoxia and auto resuscitation in the neonatal rodent with special reference to the sympatho-adrenal systemYuan, Shi-Zeng
29-Jan-1999Pathomechanism of diabetic nephropathyKörner, Anna
13-Nov-1998Chronic lung disease of prematurity : a study of selected causative factors and preventive measuresJónsson, Baldvin
23-Nov-2005The impact of estrogens on leukocyte function in remodeling of extracellular matrixStygar, Denis
18-Nov-2005On the mind´s time : Production, perception, and pianists performance of rhythms: neural correlates and neuroanatomical changesBengtsson, Sara L
14-Apr-2006Effect of estrogen on longitudinal bone growthChagin, Andrei S
16-Sep-2005Improving medical abortion : Using mifepristone in combination with a prostaglandin analogueFiala, Christian

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