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2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (1).pdf.jpg2017One-dimensional and 2-dimensional tumor size measurement for prediction of lymph node metastasis in differentiated early gastric cancer with minute submucosal invasionKim, Tae Jun; Lee, Hyuk; Min, Yang Won; Min, Byung-hoon; Lee, Jun Haeng; Kim, Kyoung-mee; Kim, Min-ji; Kim, Kyunga; Rhee, Poong-lyul; Kim, Jae J
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (6).pdf.jpg2017A case of cystic duct carcinoma successfully diagnosed with a novel digital cholangioscope Associate Editor for Focal Points Common bile duct duplication : double bile ducts , double troubleAnderloni, Andrea; Fugazza, Alessandro; Leo, Milena Di; Battista, Serena; Repici, Alessandro
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (39).pdf.jpg2017Endoscopic band ligation in diverticular bleeding : a stepwise approach for successful treatmentVinsard, Daniela G; Chen, Wei-chung; Gómez, Victoria
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (4).pdf.jpg2017Continuing Medical Education Exam : April 2017Buxbaum, James; Ravi, Karthik; Ross, William; Weston, Brian
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (30).pdf.jpg2017The hunger games : lessons from the past to shape the futureAbu, Barham; Mph, Dayyeh
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (5).pdf.jpg2017Sleeve gastrectomy leak : endoscopic management through a customized long bariatric stentBezerra, Lyz; Ms, Silva; Galvão, Manoel; Ms, Neto; Caetano, João; Ms, Marchesini; Godoy, Eduardo S N; Ds, Josemberg Campos
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (38).pdf.jpg2017The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy ( ASGE ) Technology Committee ’ s recently published Status Evaluation reprocessors ( AERs ) that have been U . S . Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) -cleared for use in Table 2 . 1 This table endoscoStanding, Floor; Plus, Advantage; Olympus, Only; Standing, Floor; Standing, Floor
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (29).pdf.jpg2017Early adverse events of per-oral endoscopic myotomy : the risk factorsTan, Yuyong; Liu, Deliang; Huo, Jirong
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (21).pdf.jpg2017Clinical outcomes in patients with bile leaks treated via ERCP with regard to the timing of ERCP : a large multicenter studyAdler, Douglas G; Papachristou, Georgios I; Taylor, Linda Jo; Mcvay, Tyler; Birch, Madeleine; Francis, Gloria; Zabolotsky, Andrew; Laique, Sobia N; Hayat, Umar; Zhan, Tingting; Das, Rohit; Slivka, Adam; Rabinovitz, Mordechai
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 4 April (14).pdf.jpg2017Role of per-oral pancreatoscopy in the evaluation of suspected pancreatic duct neoplasia : a 13-year U . S . single-center experienceHajj, Ihab I El; Brauer, Brian C; Wani, Sachin; Fukami, Norio

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