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14-May-1999Cataract surgery in patients with diabetes mellitus : clinical studiesZaczek, Anna
21-May-1999Experimental implant-associated orthopaedic infectionsJohansson, Åke
10-Sep-1999Hyperlipidaemia : an evaluation of management and attitudes among doctors and knowledge and attitudes in the populationDanielsson, Birgitta
8-Oct-1999Neuromuscular effects related to hind limb disuse : experimental studies in the ratSuliman, Isam Ahmed
29-Oct-1999Regional ventilation, pulmonary perfusion and gas exchange in supine and prone positionsMure, Margareta
26-Feb-1999Mucosal regeneration following sinus surgery : an experimental study and clinical studyForsgren, Karin
6-Nov-1998Liver protein metabolism in manBarle, Hans
13-Nov-1998Insulin treatment of elderly type 2 diabetic patientsTovi, Jonas
13-Nov-1998Endocrine and therapeutic aspects of infertile women with the polycystic ovary syndromeFridström, Margareta
8-Jan-1999Back pain in primary care : aspects on treatment and the possible influence of oral contraceptivesWreje, Ullacarin
13-Nov-1998Neuropeptides in bone and joint tissues : alteration in adjuvant arthitisElhassan, Adlan Mahmoud
12-May-2006Glutathione during stress in manFläring, Urban
17-Nov-2006Gender-related small artery function: implications for estrogenic compoundsCruz, Maria-Natalia
19-May-2006Laparoscopic and open surgery for colon cancer. : Studies on costs and health related quality of lifeJanson, Martin
14-Mar-1997Glutathione metabolism of human skeletal muscle in surgical traumaLuo, Jia-Li
15-Sep-2006Diastolic heart function in hypertension-induced left ventricular hypertrophyMüller-Brunotte, Richard
30-Oct-1998Cardiovascular and metabolic effects of endothelins in man : an experimental and clinical studyOttosson-Seeberger, Astrid
11-Nov-2005Liver transplantation and the role of adjuvant therapy for advanced primary liver tumoursSöderdahl, Gunnar
26-Nov-2004Endothelin and the regulation of peripheral and uteroplacental vascular tone during pregnancyAjne, Gunilla
3-Mar-2006Synovial metabolism after knee joint arthroscopy : A microdialysis studyHögberg, Erland

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