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2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 4 April (32).pdf.jpg2017Demographic, lifestyle, and other factors in relation to antim??llerian hormone levels in mostly late premenopausal womenJung, Seungyoun; Allen, Naomi; Arslan, Alan a.; Baglietto, Laura; Brinton, Louise a.; Egleston, Brian L.; Falk, Roni; Fortner, Ren??e T.; Helzlsouer, Kathy J.; Idahl, Annika; Kaaks, Rudolph; Lundin, Eva; Merritt, Melissa; Onland-Moret, Charlotte; Rinaldi, Sabina; S??nch
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 4 April (34).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of cytogenetics and molecular karyotyping for chromosome testing of miscarriage specimensShah, Meera Sridhar; Cinnioglu, Cengiz; Maisenbacher, Melissa; Comstock, Ioanna; Kort, Jonathan; Lathi, Ruth Bunker
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 2 February (6).pdf.jpg2017Is advanced paternal age a health risk for the offspring?Nybo Andersen, Anne-Marie; Urhoj, Stine Kjaer
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (16).pdf.jpg2017Optimizing natural fertility : a committee opinionOf, Frequency
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 2 February (24).pdf.jpg2017Time-lapse morphokinetic assessment has low to moderate ability to predict euploidy when patient– and ovarian stimulation–related factors are taken into account with the use of clustered data analysisMumusoglu, Sezcan; Yarali, Irem; Bozdag, Gurkan; Ozdemir, Pınar; Polat, Mehtap; Sokmensuer, Lale Karakoc; Yarali, Hakan
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (43).pdf.jpg2017Increased risk of disordered eating in polycystic ovary syndromeLee, Iris; Cooney, Laura G.; Saini, Shailly; Smith, Maria E.; Sammel, Mary D.; Allison, Kelly C.; Dokras, Anuja
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 5 May (24).pdf.jpg2017Fertility preservation and refreezing of transplanted ovarian tissue-a potential new way of managing patients with low risk of malignant cell recurrenceKristensen, Stine Gry; Giorgione, Veronica; Humaidan, Peter; Alsbjerg, Birgit; Bj??rn, Anne Mette Bay; Ernst, Erik; Andersen, Claus Yding
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 2 February (18).pdf.jpg2017The continued existence of significant disparities in the technical practices of sperm morphology assessment and the clinical implications: results of a French questionnaireGatimel, Nicolas; Mansoux, Lucile; Moreau, Jessika; Parinaud, Jean; Léandri, Roger D.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 2 February (7).pdf.jpg2017Age-related alterations in the genetics and genomics of the male germ lineHerati, Amin S.; Zhelyazkova, Boryana H.; Butler, Peter R.; Lamb, Dolores J.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (1).pdf.jpg2017Type of chromosome abnormality affects embryo morphology dynamicsDel, Maria; Nogales, Carmen; Ph, D; Bronet, Fernando; Ph, D; Basile, Natalia; Ph, D
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (25).pdf.jpg2017Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for chromosomal rearrangements with the use of array comparative genomic hybridization at the blastocyst stagePh, D
2017 FS Volume 107 Supplement 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2017Enrichment of genetic variants related to infertility in females seeking fertility treatmentParets, Sasha E.; Pollock, Andrew; Shraga, Roman; Akana, Matthew; Jansen, Michael; Bisignano, Alexander; Puig, Oscar
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (38).pdf.jpg2017Surgical management of niche , isthmocele , uteroperitoneal fi stula , or cesarean scar defect : a critical rebirth in the medical literatureStates, United; Morris, Although; Charles, Renee
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2017Serum and follicular fluid monocyte chemotactic protein-1 levels are elevated in obese women and are associated with poorer clinical pregnancy rate after in vitro fertilization: a pilot studyBuyuk, Erkan; Asemota, Obehi a.; Merhi, Zaher; Charron, Maureen J.; Berger, Dara S.; Zapantis, Athena; Jindal, Sangita K.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 5 May (28).pdf.jpg2017A first-choice combined oral contraceptive influences general well-being in healthy women: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trialZethraeus, Niklas; Dreber, Anna; Ranehill, Eva; Blomberg, Liselott; Labrie, Fernand; von Schoultz, Bo; Johannesson, Magnus; Hirschberg, Angelica Lindén
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (19).pdf.jpg2017Time-lapse imaging reveals differences in growth dynamics of embryos after in vitro maturation compared with conventional stimulationRoesner, Sabine; Dietrich, Jens Erik; Weigert, Julia; Montag, Markus; Toth, Bettina; Strowitzki, Thomas
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (44).pdf.jpg2017Increased expression of integrin-linked kinase during decidualization regulates the morphological transformation of endometrial stromal cellsYen, Chih Feng; Kim, Sung Hoon; Liao, Shuen Kuei; Atabekoglu, Cem; Uckac, Serpil; Arici, Aydin; Arlier, Sefa; Lee, Chyi Long; Wang, Hsin Shih; Kayisli, Umit a.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 4 April (28).pdf.jpg2017Functional outcomes after disc excision in deep endometriosis of the rectum using transanal staplers: a??series of 111 consecutive patientsRoman, Horace; Darwish, Basma; Bridoux, Val??rie; Chati, Rachid; Kermiche, Sabrina; Coget, Julien; Huet, Emmanuel; Tuech, Jean Jacques
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 5 May (19).pdf.jpg2017Embryo transfer simulation improves pregnancy rates and decreases time to proficiency in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellow embryo transfersHeitmann, Ryan J.; Hill, Micah J.; Csokmay, John M.; Pilgrim, Justin; DeCherney, Alan H.; Deering, Shad
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (18).pdf.jpg2017Decline in semen quality among 30 , 636 young Chinese men fromHuang, Chuan; Ph, D; Li, Baishun; Xu, Kongrong; Liu, Dan; Hu, Jing; Yang, Yang

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